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   We offer fabulous Clock Kits and Woodworking Kits for the beginner to advanced woodworker and crafter.  Classic clock kit designs. Our clock kits include: Long clock hands up 18" and a large selection of high torque clock motors. Our woodworking plan are fun to make and with clock parts and clock making components, clock movements,clock motors, clock dials, clock hands. DIY clock parts build a beautiful clock and memory. Find wall clock kits, mantle clock kits, table clock kits. Easy to build Grandfather clock kit.  Mini clock kits, clock kits for kids.  Our Clock Kits will fit 36mm clock insert clocks, 72mm clock fitups 90mm clock inserts and 102 mm clock fitups. Also find many different clock parts, quartz clock movements, clock dials, clock hands, clock inserts. We can show you how to make and build a great clock. The largest selection of long and large clock hands and Takane and Seiko high torque clock movements.

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Our large selection of clock making parts and products is perfect for the beginner to the professional craftsmen.  In addition to our huge selection of the highest quality clock making parts and supplies our site also provides information for all clockmakers, from the first time clock builder to the experienced woodworking enthusiast. is a leading internet retailer and distributor of clock movements and clock motors from Hermle, Seiko,Takane, Young Town and more. We offer a huge selection of clock quartz motors mini quartz clock movements, quartz clock movements with pendulem,  mechanical strike quartz clock movement, high torque clock movements for large clock hands.   

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